Not just ATCs!

I am pretty crafty overall. I’ve been making a lot of ATCs for swaps, mostly because they’re cheap to make and cheap to send. I also embroider for swaps, though they aren’t as popular.

I made this for My Little Pony Mania! It turned out to only be me and the hostess, so we both had a lot of fun with the swap. This is what I sent her (her picture), and she sent me an equally awesome swap (which I will eventually prove with the pictures I took!)

Enough chatter; pictures!

twilight get my rope

This is a scene from “Secrets of my Excess” from season two, episode ten, of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I loved the riff off of “American Gothic”, so I literally print-screened the exact scene.

And this is what I turned it into:


I love this hoop! I had to extend the tree and the hat, as well as finish the hair. I followed Aimee Ray’s crayon tinting┬átutorial with pretty great success.


I am not fond of “thick” embroidery, ie using all six strands. When I stitch, I figure out what would naturally be more dimensional and go from there. You can kind of see it in this shot: the tree (the biggest thing) is done in four strands; their bodies are in three strands; hair is in two, and eyes/eyelashes/leaf mustache/clouds are all in one strand.

I hope you enjoyed this foray into my embroidery, because I have a lot more to show you!