Illinois ATC Ternion

These are from the ATC Ternion (3 unhinged) swap. The terms of the swap was to make three related ATCs. I went with an Illinois theme:

Sears Tower, Lincoln Statue, and Route 66

I found the images in Illinois travel brochures. I tried to pick pictures that were bold and colorful, so that I could try a different technique instead of using embellishments.

See the shadows?

I glued one copy of the picture onto the ATC backing. I glued the second copy of the picture onto thin cardboard. I then cut out the focal point from the second image and glued it onto the first to create depth. You can see in the picture above the variation in thickness and the shadows.

Sears Tower

The Willis Sears Tower. The buildings in the foreground are raised.

State Capitol

The state capitol building in Springfield, Illinois. The statue of Lincoln is raised.

Route 66 festival

A scene from a festival along Illinois Route 66. The red car in the front is raised (along with its hood.)

It looks like there are a few air bubbles in the Route 66 and the Lincoln ATCs. I don’t remember them being as visible in the finished products; unfortunately, magazine images like to pucker like that. Overall, my partner and I were both pleased with the outcome 🙂


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